Why Ride at Beracah Valley Farm?

We polled our students, and here are the top 25 reasons to ride at Beracah Valley Farm:

  1. Safety is our #1 priority. Our instructors match students to horses that suit their abilities and teach proper riding techniques to ensure safety.
  2. We have knowledgeable instructors who make lessons fun and interesting!
  3. Our safety record is amazing. While some other programs in the area may have many fall-offs and accidents, our knowledgeable instructors, well-behaved horses, clean facility and safety equipment has kept our riders safe since the farm opened in 1997.
  4. From ponies to tall Thoroughbreds, we have a diverse herd of school horses, giving students the ability to learn on many different horses.
  5. Our riders learn much more than how to ride in a circle in the arena. Our instructors often design elaborate obstacle courses, technical elements and other challenges to help students improve their riding. Check out the video posted below for an example of one of our favorite lesson activities: musical freestyle improv!
  6. We offer lessons every day of the week except Sunday, giving our students the option to add riding into their already busy schedules.
  7. Students may try both English and Western, and many of our students ride both.
  8. Summer camps and Horse for a Day programs are the highlight of summer vacations and holidays alike for many of our students.
  9. Big Creek Park is easily accessible for long trail rides for boarders.
  10. With an indoor arena, lessons and programs take place year-round.
  11. The hunt field and outdoor arena provides extra space and variety for riding.
  12. Twice a year, we offer horse shows to our current students and alumni.  Everyone who participates gets a ribbon for each class.
  13. At our shows, we don’t require students to purchase expensive show clothing to compete. Simply wear what you would normally wear in lessons (helmet, boots, riding pants).
  14. We give out up to five Sportsmanship Awards at our shows to the most helpful and encouraging riders, regardless of ability or years riding in our program.
  15. We offer discounts to families with multiple riders. It is common to see parents and children riding together, siblings in the same group and even grandparents enjoying time with the grandchildren on horseback.
  16. We provide both English and Western tack, and each school horse has their own bridle and bit. Tack is checked regularly to ensure that all equipment is in good repair.
  17. It is easy to volunteer to learn more about horses while helping at the farm.
  18. Near the end of each summer camp, our campers go fishing in our pond. So far, have caught large mouth bass over 20 inches long! Think you can do better? Join one of our camps to find out.
  19. Another camp favorite is finger painting. Unlike most other camps, we use paint based on organic materials and our paint pallets are a bit unusual. Our students paint directly on the horse, and we often have team contests and offer prizes to the most creative team.
  20. Chores are a part of life at the farm. However, our chores are a lot more fun than typical household tasks. Students build hay forts, have bucket washing contests and timed stall cleaning competitions. In addition, each student gets a chance to feed his or her favorite horse while learning about equine nutrition.
  21. We have a very clean barn situated on a park like setting.
  22. We provide a safe, family friendly, christian environment for our customers
  23. Occasionally we will bring in high-profile visitors like David Davis trick horses, and The Wild Horse Ministries for students to enjoy.
  24. With a convenient location just North of Chardon Square on Ravenna Road, it is easy to reach the farm.
  25. Beracah Valley Farm has been around since 1997, and we don’t plan on going anywhere soon. We’re an active member of the community and, after nearly twenty years of service, we’ve gained valuable expertise in the equine field.

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