Riding lessons are an excellent way to learn more about horses, increase your exercise and fitness level, learn patience and have fun. Whether you are three or seventy three, we offer a wide variety of lesson types in a multitude of disciplines.

We normally offer lessons every day except Sunday with our professional and qualified instructors. Safety is our primary concern, and our strong staff ensures that each student has a safe and fun lesson. We offer lessons to beginner riders who have never sat on a horse before, and we provide lessons to our advanced students with aspirations of becoming professional riders and trainers themselves.

Lesson Formats

We offer private, semi-private (2 riders) and group (3 or more riders) lessons. It is recommended that novice riders take private lessons to get lots of one-on-one instruction with one of our trainers to build a strong foundation and correct equitation.

Many families choose to have a semi-private or group lesson. We also provide group lessons in our Bible Study Program and have grouped riders at a similar level together in these economical groups.

Subject Matter

From dressage to reining, western horsemanship to hunter under saddle, we offer a variety of different disciplines. Many of our instructors have shown professionally in a multitude of disciplines and possess a great deal of knowledge about the equine industry.

With an emphasis on safety, our instructors progress their students from their first time in the saddle to the advanced levels. Our staff matches riders with horses appropriate for their abilities, physical needs and discipline. All riders should expect to learn correct equitation and the proper channels of communication to effectively direct their horse and have the opportunity to try a variety of different styles of riding.


Students should come to their first lesson with appropriate apparel. Riders must wear long pants, a shirt with a sleeve and preferably shoes with a heel (boots with minimal treads are preferred). We provide riding helmets to start.  No sandals, flip-flops, or crocs.  It is recommended that students who wish to continue their riding lessons purchase their own properly-fitted ASTM-SEI certified riding helmet, riding gloves and paddock boots. English riders should consider purchasing riding breeches with a knee patch or full seat and half-chaps or tall boots as well.

Lesson Format

Our shortest lesson is the 45 minute lesson which is ideal for young beginner students just getting started.  The one hour lesson is our standard time lesson and is perfect for older children and adults at the beginner and intermediate level.  Advanced students will normally benefit from our longest 75 minute lesson.  Each lesson includes a fifteen minute saddling session prior to the ride. During this time, students will learn to groom and tack up their horses. We offer  private, semi-private, or group formats. After every lesson most student enjoy learning how to un-tack, brush down, and safely put the horse away. We usually recommend you plan on being here about 10 minutes after your lesson.

You can view the lesson pricing matrix below in our standard price list.  The prices listed are based on weekly lessons prepaid at the beginning of the month.  You can schedule and pay for individual lessons, however they cost an additional $5 per lesson.  We have many options to fit your budget and have several discounts available.

Please review our current price list for lesson prices or call the farm directly:  double click to print:pricelist2019


















  • Prepay for 3 months (13 lessons) and receive a 10% discount
  • Multiple riders in one family each receive a 10% discount
  • Ride in more than 1 lesson per week and receive a 10% discount
  • 25% discount for pastors and ministry leaders (full time)


About the Horses

From our smallest pony to our tallest Thoroughbred, we are blessed to have a herd of patient and proven horses. Our horses are tried and true “bomb-proof” teachers. Many of our horses have shown successfully, while some are rescued Thoroughbreds from the racetrack that have been professionally retrained. Each one of our horses has something new to teach our riders. For more information, check out our “Meet the Horses” page.

A Note About Treats

While we love our school horses very much, we do caution against bringing too many treats for the horses to avoid killing them with kindness. Acceptable treats include carrots, small bits of apple divided up among horses, small peppermints and store-bought treats made specifically for horses. Some horses in the barn have difficulties with sugar, so never feed a horse treats without permission. Also, we do not encourage hand-feeding. Treats may be placed in the horse’s feed bucket instead.

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