At Beracah Valley Farm, our goal is to provide the high-quality care for your beloved horse.  We provide full-care boarding services for our students, which includes the following:

  • 6 day per week turnout in our large grass pastures
  • Daily Turnout in our indoor arena during bad weather and winter months
  • Stall cleaning 6 days a week with ample bedding provided
  • Hay feeding 4 times a day
  • Grain feeding twice daily
  • Blanketing and feeding supplements is included at no extra charge
  • Horses are checked over four times a day at each feeding to ensure that each horse is healthy and comfortable

Our main barn features 10 x 12 box stalls, indoor riding arena, heated automatic water, heated viewing lounge, heated restroom for boarders, separate boarder tack room.  We provide a safe and family friendly facility with 20 plus years experience caring for horses.

Our small barn, which features 3 12 x 10 box stalls is a quiet barn with self and partial care options available.  We also have a run in shed with 2 large 16 x 12 stalls and access to all day  field turnout.  Call for customized pricing for these barns.

Additional benefits for our boarders include:

  • Boarders receive a 10% discount when they ride their own horse in lessons
  • With owner approval, horses suitable for use in our lesson program may receive a discount
  • Boarders can access the nearby Tupelo Pond bridle trails (part of the Big Creek Park)
  • Riding and groundwork can take place in the indoor arena, outdoor limestone arena, or in the hunt field

For high-quality and professional care, we offer full-care boarding at $550 per  month in our main indoor arena barn. Please contact us for more information and inquire about available stalls.

Check out some pictures of the property below:


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