2017 Price List

Below is our 2016/2107 standard pricing flyer for many of our popular programs.  Click to print flyer:pricelist20162017



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2 Comments on “2017 Price List”

  1. Janet Says:

    I was wondering how much the discount is for letting you guys use a horse for the lesson program. I was also wondering if you have to take lessons to ride and how many stalls you have open.

    • Hi Janet. Occasionally we will lease horses from boarders for our riding lesson program. We have no standard lease discount rate. Usually the horse has been boarded here for a while and we get to know the horse and owner very well before we would work out any arrangement that would be mutually beneficial. Horse also must be exceptional before we would even consider any type of lease. All riding for customers is in a supervised riding lesson. We do have a lease program for our lesson horses, however you must be an active weekly student and also be certified by the instructor to lease a particular horse. Your safety and the horses safety is the number one priority. Last, we usually do not have stalls available for board. It is best to call to check availability. Our current students are given priority when it comes to boarding. Thanks

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